Project brief: A large contemporary country garden in Plaxtol, Kent.

Bold naturalistic arcs of planting create shelter, define spaces and focus views out into the wider landscape, subtly increasing the sense of privacy in certain areas and drawing the eye out to the beautiful views in others. Curved ragstone retaining walls sweep around the new swimming pool terrace, these planting beds are filled with dramatic architectural foliage. Two large oak pergolas define an informal dining area which is sheltered by a sweeping arc of shrubs, Stipa gigantea and perennials.

Planting: Phillyrea latifolia, Betula, pinus wallichiana, Pinus mugo, Hebe parviflora and phormium ‘Croce de Malta’ form a framework that grasses and perennials weave through. The planting has a hardy exotic twist with trachycarpus and yuccas. Big swathes of grasses soften the architectural foliage and tie it to the wider landscape.

Materials: Porcelain, Ragstone, Oak.