In addition to Bespoke Garden Design as described on the design process page, I can provide Master plans for larger sites, garden consultations, planting strategies and garden renovations.

Master plans

For larger sites, and especially for historic or listed properties, a masterplan is developed.

We begin with the development of a clear brief, thorough site survey, site analysis and research into the history of the site.

The masterplan is then developed in stages starting with an assessment of conservation, restoration and development potential. This enables a plan to be developed thoughtfully, taking care to respect the historic fabric of the site.

Once a framework has been established we can begin to develop design concepts, renovation plans, habitat management plans and phasing plans. As the design evolves we produce detailed proposals and help to source specialists.

Garden Consultation

Would you like advice about your garden?

I am happy to visit the site, have a good look around and give you design or horticultural guidance on all aspects of your garden. You can take notes whilst I am on site or I can write up notes and provide you with an action plan so that you know where to start.

Guidance is available regarding soil and site conditions, seasonal tasks such as pruning, renovating borders, lawn care, choice of trees or construction materials. I can also recommend specialists to you when required.

Planting Strategies

When working with established gardens a less formal approach works well, taking into consideration what is already onsite, we can move things around, remove things that don’t work and then put in new plants to enhance the scheme. I can provide you with sketches, notes or a shopping list.

I am happy to accompany you on visits to nurseries to choose plants and discuss ideas.

Planting Schemes

Designing the planting scheme for a garden takes time.

I analyse the soil and site conditions to ensure that plants suitable for the location are used. Then the creative bit – working out how best to combine plants to provide the look you want – perhaps focussing on your favourite season or a particular style – lush and glamorous or pared down and restrained?

For a brand new garden or when creating a completely new border it works best to draw up a detailed planting plan and a list of plants. This enables the cost to be calculated accurately before implementation.

Garden Renovation

This approach works particularly well for mature gardens that have become tired overgrown. These gardens do not necessarily require a complete re-design but do need a thoughtful approach.

I begin with a thorough site analysis to get to know the garden and a discussion with you to understand your requirements. For large sites I split the garden down into zones and develop a renovation schedule.

The package can include phasing plans, maintenance and renovation schedules, horticultural advice.

Garden Renovation and Planting

We focus on overhauling the planting, improving the soil by decompacting it and introducing organic matter and making best use of all the best elements of the existing planting.

I work alongside my small team of soft landscapers to install new planting schemes and renovate established gardens.

We currently do monthly / bi monthly maintenance visits on gardens we have planted, or I provide you and your gardeners with all the details of the plants installed and their maintenance requirements.